Labor Practices and Human Rights

Labor Practices and Human Rights

No wonder so many people consider working at our units. We believe in and advocate best practices in labor relations, pursuant to the Brazilian law and the international labor conventions. This includes the rejection of child, slave, and degrading labor throughout our supply chain, as per the commitments made in our Social Responsibility Policy.

We offer equal opportunities to all employees, respecting gender differences and the diversity of cultures, knowledge, and skills. Since 2007, for example, we have acknowledged same sex partners' rights to health care and pension benefits. Get to know a few more of our employees' benefits:

  • Health insurance (medical, dental, psychotherapy and pharmacy allowance)
  • Complementary pension plan
  • 180-day maternity leave
  • Educational benefits for children, from kindergarten to high school (school expense reimbursement)

Promoting occupational safely, preventing risks and encouraging healthier lifestyles are also priorities.

Get to know our Human Resources Policy.