We are driven by the challenge of supplying the energy that can propel development and ensure the future of the society with competency, ethics, cordiality, and respect for diversity.

We are a publicly traded corporation, the majority stockholder of which is the Government of Brazil, and we perform as an integrated energy company in the following sectors: exploration and production, refining, marketing, transportation, petrochemicals, oil product distribution, natural gas, electricity, chemical gas, and biofuels.

A leader in the Brazilian oil industry, we have expanded our operations aiming to be among the top five integrated energy companies in the world by 2030. We have a presence in 25 countries.


  • Investments

    R$ 104.41 billion

    Net Revenue

    R$ 304.89 billion

    Net Profit

    R$ 23.57 billion



    Global Presence

    25 countries*

    Number of Employees


  • Daily Output

    2,539,000 barrels of
    oil equivalent a day.

    Proved Reserves

    16.57 billion barrels**
    of oil equivalent (boe)

    Production Platforms

    135 (80 Fixed; 55 floating)*

  • Refineries


    Oil product production

    2,124,000 barrels per day

  • Vessel Fleet

    237 (60 belonging to Petrobras)*


    31,265 km*

  • Biofuels

    7 plants (5 for production;
    2 experimental)*

    Thermoelectric Plants

    19 plants ***

    Wind Energy

    4 plants*

  • Service Stations



    3 plants*

2013 fiscal year result data/Last update: February 2014
* Data for 2012 - Yearly update / Latest update: March 2013
** ANP/SPE Criterion
*** Only natural gas-fired power plants (2012 data)