Transparency and Ethics

To ensure that our work is always guided by ethics and transparency, we have adopted monitoring, oversight, and accountability mechanisms. A series of codes and standards set parameters for our relationships with our stakeholders.

Our Code of Ethics and our Conduct Guide address topics such as the relationship with customers, partners, and suppliers, the fight against corruption, and our commitment to refuse support and contributions to campaigns or political parties of candidates for elected office. It is up to the Ethics Commission to guide, disseminate, and promote compliance with these principles and commitments.

Petrobras' General Ombudsman's Office is responsible for handling complaints, requests for information, whistle blowing, requests, queries, opinions, and suggestions from all stakeholders in a confidential, independent, free, and accessible manner. It is linked to Petrobras' Board of Directors and welcomes anonymous complaints, provided concerning matters relating to accounting, internal controls, or internal and external audits. The Ombudsman's Office interacts with the relevant areas to strengthen and promote the addressing of demands and contributes to the management with recommendations from the knowledge acquired in performing its duties.

We have created the Petrobras Program for Corruption Prevention (PPPC), consisting of the continuous prevention, detection, and correction of acts of fraud and corruption, which are summarized in PPPC's Guide, reaffirming our commitment to transparency and ethics.

We render accounts to society through our Transparency Portal and publications such as the Sustainability Report.

The Customer Care Service (CCS) and Contact Us areas also welcome contact by means of the inside and outside e-mail addresses.

In addition, we discuss and disseminate actions that promote transparency and fight corruption, participating in working groups and other initiatives such as the UN Global Compact, the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), and the Business Pact for Integrity and Anti-Corruption.

In recognition of our work, we were one of the winners of the 2014 Transparency Trophy organized by the National Association of Executives in Finance, Administration and Accounting (Anefac), in collaboration with the Research Institute of Accounting, Actuarial and Financial Foundation (Fipecafi), and Serasa Experian.


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