The Strategic Plan and the 2017-2021 Business & Management Plan were prepared in an integrated fashion. In this horizon, we seek to grow in a sustainable and realistic manner, guided by ethics, safe operations, by predictability, and by profitability, pursuant to the highest international industry standards.

Two main metrics were set, one concerning the safety aspect and other concerning the financial aspect, which guide the company's strategy: 


The new Strategic Plan includes five crucial principles that establish what Petrobras wants to be:

An integrated energy company focusing on oil and gas that evolves with society, generating high value and with a unique technical ability"; with the following values: respect for life, people and the environment; ethics and transparency; market driven; overcoming and confidence; and results.


Four pillars guide our path toward the recovery of our financial health:

  • Partnerships and Divestments: Advantages such as risk sharing, decreasing investment costs, technological exchanges, and strengthening of governance
  • Competitive Prices: Maximize revenues keeping pace with the international market
  • Capex Efficiency: Capital discipline in investments
  • Opex Efficiency: Reduction of operating costs