VITORIA 1000 Bidding (NS-30) - Call for Tender 5900.002.2019

 We will hold International Electronic Bidding No. 5900.002.2019 for the sale of the VITORIA 10000 (NS-30) drillship.

 The electronic trading session will take place through the Petronect Portal at 14h on September 18, 2019. The request for inclusion must be submitted by 12h on September 17, 2019.

 Questions regarding the Call for Tender and its attachments must be sent to the Bidding Committee, through the Portal Petronect Collaboration Room ( or by email ( within 10 business days prior to the Bidding date.

 The drillship will be available for interested parties to visit, according to the guidelines set forth in the Call for Tender, from July 24, 2019 until 5 business days before the Bidding date.