International auction to sale the units P-III, P-X, P-XVI, P-XVII, P-XXIII, P-59 and P-60


PETROBRAS will perform international auction to sale the Units PETROBRAS III (P-III), PETROBRAS X (P-X), PETROBRAS P-XVI (P-XVI), PETROBRAS X-VII (P-XVII), PETROBRAS P-XXIII (P-XXIII), PETROBRAS P-59 (P-59) and PETROBRAS P-60 (P-60).

The Units will be sold by performing electronic auction, scheduled to take place in 05/10/2017 at 14h (of Brazilian time, Brazil), at the following address:

Senado Building
Avenue Henrique Valadares, nº 28, Tower A
1st basement, Auditorium 1, Center
20231-030, Rio de Janeiro/RJ - Brazil

The deadline for the visitation of the Units that will be sold by interested parties it'll until 04/28/2017.

All information about the Units to be auctioned, the materials on board, rules and requirements for participation in the process are set forth in the attached Notice and Addendum.

Bidding Committee
International Call for Tenders
Good and Service Suplly


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