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We presented a loss of R$21.6 billion in 2014, mainly due to an asset impairment charge of R$44.6 billion and a R$6.2 billion write-down arising from improper payments identified within the scope of the Federal Police’s “Operação Lava Jato” anti-corruption investigation. Our results were also impacted by a provision for losses from power sector receivables (R$4.5 billion), write-downs related to the construction of the Premium I and II refineries (R$2.8 billion) and a provision for the Program to Encourage Voluntary Severance (PIDV) (R$2.4 billion).

New Amazon Basin Discovery

Read our statement (April 16, 2015): Petrobras has discovered a new oil and gas accumulation in the Amazon Basin, Block AM-T-84. The discovery was made while drilling well 1-BRSA-1293-AM (ANP nomenclature), informally known as Jusante do Anebá. Well drilling reached the total depth of 2,040 meters.

Oil and natural gas output for March

Read our statement (April 16, 2015): Petrobras’ oil and natural gas output in Brazil and abroad, in March 2015, was 2,764,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day (boed), down 1.3% from February 2015 (2,801,000 boed). Of this total, 2,574,000 boed were produced in Brazil and 189,900 boed abroad. The output of 2,764,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day (boed) is 8.3% higher than the March 2014 output of 2,551,000 boed.

Onshore oil discovery on Espírito Santo Basin

Read our statement (April 16, 2015): Petrobras has discovered an onshore oil accumulation on Espírito Santo Basin. The discovery was made by drilling wild cat well 1-BRSA-1302-ES (ANP nomenclature), known as Guayacan. This well comprises the Discovery Evaluation Plan (PAD) of Tabebuia and is located some 120 km from the city of Vitória.