Petrobras: McLaren unveils new car featuring Petrobras brand

McLaren unveils new car featuring Petrobras brand

McLaren Racing Car 2018

This Friday (February 23rd), in Navarre, Spain, McLaren launched the racing car it will be using in the 2018 Formula 1 season. The new model, called the MCL33, is predominantly orange and shows the Petrobras brand name on both sides of the engine cowling, while the Lubrax lubricant brand name appears on the nosecone. On Tuesday (February 20th), Petrobras and McLaren announced a technical partnership involving technological collaboration for the development of fuel and lubricants and the possibility of expansion into other strategic segments, such as sharing the team's expertise in the development of advanced simulation solutions, data analysis (Big Data) and artificial intelligence.

The supply of these products, which will be developed at the Petrobras Research Center during 2018, is scheduled for the 2019 season. Petrobras will also have a laboratory inside the team's boxes, which will enable the monitoring of product performance in real time during training and racing. In addition to featuring on the car, the Petrobras brand name will appear on the uniforms and team materials and at the McLaren facilities.

Next Monday (February 26th), the MCL33 has its first official 2018 pre-season engagement, in Barcelona, Spain, when all the teams begin testing. The season gets underway on March 25th, with the Australian Grand Prix, in Melbourne.