Petrobras: Our financial information in the palm of your hand

Our financial information in the palm of your hand

We are working on new management mechanisms and on the disclosure of information with transparency. In this line, we drew nearer to our investors with the launch of a new website and a re-registration campaign.

More than simply a new tool, we want to underpin our commitment to the continuous improvement of our channels and access to our information. The key to this relationship is transparency and proximity.

We have reorganized the content and prepared an entirely mobile channel. All of the information will be available on your mobile phone or computer screen! On it, you can access, for example, the data of our financial results, press releases, and material facts.

It will be on this new channel that you will have access to all of the information about our Business Plan, which will be released soon.

Our intention is to work to provide the audience with the best experience possible. Re-registration is part of this interaction. Anyone who has already registered must now update their data on our website to continue receiving our press releases and alerts, and new users may register for the first time.

Our address remains the same