Petrobras: We took part in CERAWeek 2019, a conference that brings together the leading names in the world energy industry

We took part in CERAWeek 2019, a conference that brings together the leading names in the world energy industry

Our CEO, Roberto Castello Branco, had a special participation this Tuesday, March 12, at the 38th edition of CERAWeek, one of the main meetings of the world energy industry. The event, which aims to promote new ideas and dialog on the future of global energy, takes place in Houston, United States, and is attended by industry leaders.

Castello Branco spoke about the importance of implementing improvements in operational safety and of acting on control and compliance mechanisms to prevent corruption. In addition, he stressed that his main goal is to have an even stronger and more efficient company. “Petrobras is a fantastic company, with excellent assets, technology, and some of the best engineers and geologists in the world. We have enormous potential to create value for our shareholders,” he said.

The CEO emphasized the importance of the choice of capital distribution among the assets. “We have to focus on investing in the areas where we can have the highest possible return and, thus, generate value for our shareholders and for the Brazilian people,” he said.

When asked about the transition to a clean energy matrix, Castello Branco commented on what he considers the great challenge of continuing economic development while preserving the environment. “Natural gas exploitation is one of the ways to do this. We have a great opportunity in this area,” he said.

Castello Branco also highlighted the relevance of investing in digital transformation aiming to increase safety in operations and achieving cost reduction. “It is a priority. We are cutting costs, but we are investing in digital transformation,” he said. He also mentioned that partnerships are important as well because of the technologies that other companies can offer. “We like partnerships. We share not only risks, but also ideas and experiences with them,” he said.

To the CEO, participating in the event had a positive balance. “Our participation was an excellent opportunity to realize two important facts: First, our prestige in the global oil industry as a trusted partner, owner of high-quality technology and human capital in oil exploration and production. Second, the interest of the largest oil companies in the world to invest in Brazil, and particularly in consorting with Petrobras,” he concluded.

The conference

CERAWeek 2019 will take place through this Friday, March 15. Comprised of several sessions on energy issues designed to engage, share ideas and foster relationships, the conference brings together some 4,500 industry executives from 900 organizations representing more than 75 countries. Participants span all regions and industry segments: Oil, natural gas, electric power, coal, nuclear and renewables; as well as technology, finance and mobility, among others.