Rio de Janeiro Petrochemical Complex

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Comperj is located in the city of Itaboraí, eastern state of Rio de Janeiro, covering an area of 45, and its strategic objective is to expand Petrobras’ refining capacity to meet the growth in demand for oil products in Brazil, such as diesel fuel, petrochemical naphtha, jet fuel, coke and LPG (cooking gas). 

Location: Rodovia Estadual RJ-116 - Km 5,2 - Acesso A-1, s/n, Complemento
Sambaetiba - Zona Urbana do 4º Distrito de Itaboraí - RJ
ZIP Code: 24841-203
CSS: 0800 728 9001 - option 4

Technical features

Area: 45 km²

Processing capacity of the 1st refining train: 65,000 barrels of oil per day. Main refinery products: diesel fuel, naphtha, jet fuel, coke, LPG (cooking gas), and fuel oil.

External logistics infrastructure: includes access roads, sewage outfall, a water main, pipeline infrastructure, transmission lines, etc.

Status of the works

We are following the timeline set forth under our 2014-2018 Business and Management Plan, having reached physical progress about 82% in the construction works by February 2015.


Projects and Covenants


The challenge of deploying an undertaking of the size of Comperj takes support for local policies into account. In this context, there is the Socioeconomic Indicator Monitoring, an agreement with the Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), in partnership with the United Nations Program for Human Settlements (UN Habitat); and the Local Agenda 21 Forums, structured with our support in 14 municipalities located in the Comperj region.

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The ruins of the São Boaventura Convent, a building dating back to 1670, are located in the Comperj area. To preserve this heritage, we initiated, in partnership with the National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute (Iphan) and with the State Institute for Cultural Heritage (Inepac), the project for consolidating the Ruins of the São Boaventura Convent, which consists in maintaining its original structure.

Additionally, in partnership with the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ), we are undertaking the Local Culture Enhancement Program. Through it, 200 teachers and local agents have been sensitized, by means of workshops, on the importance of municipal history.


Comperj's Forest Restoration Plan is the largest vegetation restoration action in the history of Rio de Janeiro. Native Atlantic Forest species will be planted on both public and private properties in an area of approximately 5,000 hectares.

And to empower sectors of society to change the population's habits and attitudes insofar as the environment is concerned, the Environmental Education Program is undertaken. The program has already been conducted in seven municipalities in the venture's area of influence through workshops, and more than 350 people have taken part in it.