Petrochemicals and Fertilizers

Petrochemicals and Fertilizers

To expand business opportunities, we operate in the petrochemical and gas-chemical industries, producing oil products such as paraffin and naphtha, and converting natural gas to urea, ammonia, among others, to be used as feedstock in various industries. We hold stakes in various companies, including Braskem, the largest petrochemical plant in the world.

Our feature projects include:

Companhia Petroquímica de Pernambuco - PetroquímicaSuape

It will form, with Companhia Integrada Têxtil de Pernambuco (Citepe), the PetroquímicaSuape Complex, producing feedstock for the production of polyester (PTA), polymers, polyester yarn, and PET resin.


Part of the natural gas value chain, there is a growing demand for fertilizers in industry and agriculture worldwide. In Brazil, we are the largest producer of nitrogen fertilizers, with plants in Sergipe, Bahia, and Paraná.