We have different types of operations in South America: Oil and gas exploration and production, distribution and marketing of products and services.


We are an integrated energy company, focusing on oil and gas, which evolves with society, generates high value, and has unique technical expertise. On the 2021 horizon, we will prioritize oil exploration and production projects in Brazil, with emphasis on deep waters.

We will seek to grow in a sustainable, realistic manner, guided by ethics, safe operations, and predictability and profitability, pursuant to the highest international industry standards.

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The Rio Neuquen and Colpa Caranda assets have strategic value to Petrobras.

This operation, conducted through a competitive process, is an important part of the 2015-2016 Divestment Plan.

Below is a list of digital environments and web pages that are still active for relationships with investors, customers, suppliers, and other audiences until they have been completely migrated to Pampa Energía.

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Foreign Trade

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We have been operating in Bolivia since 1996. We currently have hydrocarbon exploration and production operations in the departments of Tarija (Campos de San Alberto, Itaú, and Sábalo fields, with gas production), Santa Cruz (Cedro Exploratory Area), and Chuquisaca (Monteagudo Field).

We arrived at the country under the agreements signed between the governments of Bolivia and Brazil, with the common goal of enabling energy integration between the two countries.

We signed the natural gas purchase and sale agreement with Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB) to supply gas until the year 2019. The agreement included hydrocarbon exploration and production in Bolivia by Petrobras in partnership with YPFB.

We have exploration projects in the areas called San Telmo, Sunchal, and Astillero, in the Tarija department.

Transport and compression

We work in the gas transport and compression chain, holding 21 percent equity stakes in the Rio Grande Compression Plant.

Go to the website for details on our operations in Bolivia


Avenida Gral. Libertador José de San Martín, esq. calle Los Lirios No.1700
Santa Cruz de la Sierra - Bolivia


  • Marcos Benício Pompa Antunes
  • sac.bolivia@petrobras.com
  •  + 591 3 3667000


We concluded, in January 2017, the sale of 100 percent of Petrobras Chile Distribuición Ltda (PCD) to the Southern Cross Group. The transaction included the licensing of the Petrobras and Lubrax brands.

A privately held company, the Southern Cross Group has $2.9 billion in assets under management and focuses on investments in Latin America in companies operating in the industrial, service, logistics, and consumer products industries.

To operate the assets acquired from Petrobras in Chile, Southern Cross created Esmax, a company that acts as a Petrobras licensee in the fuel and lubricant distribution segments.

The sale, carried out through a competitive process, is an integral part of the company’s partnership and divestment plan and is in line with our Strategic Plan, which provides for the optimization of our business portfolio.

For more information on the distribution operations in Chile, go to: http://www.petrobrasdistribucion.cl/.


Our internationalization process began in Colombia, in 1972. Currently, we have operations in the exploration segment and in fuels and lubricant trade and distribution in several regions of the country.

Exploration in Colombia

We operate through our offshore assets, a segment in which our expertise is recognized around the world, and hold stakes in an onshore block in the Tolima region with potential for conventional and unconventional hydrocarbons.

We are currently the operators of the Tayrona Block, where, together with our strategic partners Ecopetrol, Repsol and Statoil, we recently confirmed the existence of a gas accumulation in the Orca-1 Well. This was the first discovery made in deep waters in the Colombian Caribbean.

Petrobras Fuel and Lubricants Stations

We offer fuel and lubricant distribution services through a network of 116 stations services. Our lubricant line is prepared pursuant to the highest international oil industry standards to meet the needs and demands of individual and corporate consumers.

Go to the website for details on our operations in Colombia


We started operating in Paraguay in April 2006, working in the fuel and lubricant distribution and trade segment, both in retail and on the commercial market. The products we offer include gasoline, diesel, ethanol, aviation products, fuel oil, asphalt, lubricants and LPG.

Petrobras Service Stations
We have 180 services stations throughout Paraguay. We also trade LPG and aviation products at the Asunción and Ciudad Del Este airports.

Go to the website for details on our operations in Paraguay


The operations, which began in the natural gas industry in the country, today include lubricant and fuel distribution and trade.

We have had operations in Uruguay since 2004, when we partnered with the National Administration of Fuels, Alcohol, and Portland (Ancap) to distribute natural gas within the country.

Today, we are responsible for distributing natural gas to the capital city and to the interior of the country as well as for service stations throughout Uruguay, with the supply of our products.


In 2004, we took over the control of the Uruguayan Conecta gas distributor by acquiring 55 percent of the equity stakes in it, which had previously belonged to two companies of a Spanish group. The distributor our company operates holds exclusive rights to distribute, over pipelines, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), and gas manufactured in the interior of Uruguay, outside of the capital city, Montevideo.

In 2006, our operations in Uruguay were enhanced in the natural gas sector, when we completed the acquisition of 66 percent of the equity stakes of Gaseba Uruguay S.A., currently MontevideoGas. The company is a natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), and gas pipeline distribution utility and uses pipelines to supply these products in the Uruguayan capital city.

On March 31, 2011, Petrobras Uruguay acquired the remaining 34 percent of the stakes in Distribuidora de Gas S.A. Montevideo (MontevideoGas) from Pan American Energy Iberica S.L., going on to hold 100 percent of its shares. This concession, valid through 2024, covers the city of Montevideo.

Additionally, in 2006, the company enhanced its presence in Uruguay by incorporating fuel distribution and trade operations, which today include fuel stations nationwide, as well as facilities to trade jet fuel, maritime products, lubricants, and fertilizers.

Go the website for details on our operations in Uruguay

With a relevant asset portfolio, we have secured global recognition due to the cutting-edge technology developed for use in deep and ultra-deep water in the Gulf of Mexico.


We have explored and produced in the U.S. since 1987, when we acquired stakes in eight blocks in the American sector of the Gulf of Mexico. We signed-on partnerships with a few of the world's biggest oil companies, and, in the past few years, we have increased our stakes in oil exploration and production in American waters.

Go to the website for details on our operations in the United States


Petrobras USA
10350 Richmond Ave. Suite #1400 - Houston - Texas


  • João Carlos Araújo Figueira
  • (17) (13) 8082000


We began our activities in Mexico in 2003 as operators in natural gas exploration and production service contracts in the Cuervito and Fronterizo blocks (onshore), located in the Burgos Basin, north of Mexico.

The two integral service-rendering agreements include exploration and production activities, as well projects involved in infrastructure construction and maintenance.


Avenida Paseo de la Reforma 115
Piso 11 - Oficina 1101
C.P. 11000 - Colonia Lomas de Chapultepec
Ciudad de México


  • Rudy Felix Ferreira
  • Director
  • 52 (55) 30679100



Our operations in Africa take place by means of a joint venture with BTG Pactual, signed in June 2013. Petrobras Oil&Gas B.V. (of which each shareholder owns half the stakes) manages oil and gas exploration and production activities on the continent.



Petrobras Oil & Gas B.V.

Condominio Belas Business Park Via A1 S/A - Edifício Malange - 8º andar
Talatona - Luanda


  • Sinesio Nicoleti
  • (24) (42) 334722
  • sinesio.nicoleti@pogbv.com



Petroleo Brasileiro Nigeria, Ltd/ Brasoil Oil Services Company Nigeria

4th and 5th Floors, Sapetro Towers, 1 - Adeola Odeku Street 
Victoria Islands - Lagos


  • Sinésio Nicoleti
  • +(23) (41) 4621334
  • lanre@petrobras.com



Petrobras Tanzania, Ltd
Plot 1.403 - 1A - Msasani Peninsula - Dar Es Salaam 


  •  Samuel Bastos de Miranda
  • (25) (52) 22120469
  • ishengoma@immma.co.tz

International presence essential to the financial management of our operations around the world.

The Netherlands

Headquartered in Rotterdam, one of the world's largest financial centers, and with a long-standing tradition of investments in the oil and gas industry, our holdings in the Netherlands control several activities outside of Brazil.

The presence in Rotterdam is strategic, since the city brings together offices of banks and other financial institutions and is a center of international relations. Rotterdam is home to the largest port in Europe, and is close to consulates and embassies, as well as business fomenting agencies and several international institutions.

The following are our official contact channels in the Netherlands. We are not liable for contacts made through channels other than those listed below.




PNBV (Petrobras Netherlands B.V.)
Weena 762 9th Floor - Tower A


  •  Ronaldo Dias
  • + 31 10 206 7000
  •  infopnbv@petrobras.com

PIB BV (Petrobras International Braspetro B.V.) 
Weena 762, 9th Floor - Tower A

  •  Luiz Fernando Passaglia
  • + 31 10 206 7000
  • lfpassaglia@petrobras.com.br

PGT (Petrobras Global Trading B.V.)
Weena 762
3014 DA

  •  Ticiana Jereissati de Araujo
  • + 31 10 206 7000

POG B.V (Petrobras Oil & Gas B.V.)
Kruisplein 25 5th floor
3014 DB

  •  Marcos José de Souza
  • + 31 88 166 0005
  • marcos.souza@petrobras.com.br

Petrobras Global Finance BV
Weena 762

  •  Leandro Galleti
  • + 31 10 206 7027
  • galleti@petrobras.com.br


United Kingdom

Headquartered in London, Petrobras Europe Ltd - PEL was established in May 2001 to support our trade and financial activities. It consists of a complete and active Petrobras trading desk for the European and African markets, and it is in charge of market intelligence and support in the marketing of oil, light products, dark products, natural gas, oil products, shipping, and vessel operation. 


Petrobras Europe Ltd
9th floor
1 Angel Court
London EC2R 7HJ


  • Marco Antonio da Costa Tritto
  • mactritto@petrobras.com
  • + 44 (0) 20 307 307 20 / (0) 20 307 307 60

Strategic market for opening new opportunities.


Our Representation Office in Beijing was established in 2004 with the mission of supporting oil sales to China, especially heavy oil lifted from the Campos Basin, and to operationalize the agreements with Chinese state-owned enterprises, with the prospect of opening up new markets in Asia. In 2015, the commercial support assignments were transferred to the Singapore office.
Since then, the Beijing office has been responsible for the Finance and Investor Relations area and, today, it focuses on i) providing support for the partnership and divestments program; (ii) providing support for financial cooperation with Chinese banks and financial institutions; (iii) investor relations; (iv) providing support for other company activities in China, and (v) business development with other Asian partners.
Our performance in the country reflects the expansion of relations with Chinese companies in recent years. China is already the main market for our exports and the medium oils lifted from the pre-salt already account for the greater part of this trade. Banks and local financial institutions are important lenders, and Chinese companies are partners in exploring oil fields in Brazil, in the context of NPA auctions, and are among our suppliers.



Petrobras Beijing Representative Office
No. 1 Jianguomenwai Avenue - China World Trade Center - Office Tower 1, 16th Floor - Suites 1621-24
Beijing China - 100004


  • Tatiana Rosito
  • Representante Chefe na China e
    Gerente Geral de Desenvolvimento de Negócios na Ásia
  • +86(10) 6505-9838
  • tatiana.rosito@petrobras.com.br



In 2005, we started a partnership when we created BJE (Brazil-Japan Ethanol), a joint venture between Petrobras and Nippon Alcohol Hambai.

Our work in Japan is aligned with the best environmental responsibility practices, showing commitment to the people of Okinawa, respect for the Nansei workforce, and compliance with local regulations.


BJE - Brazil-Japan Ethanol CO., Ltd.
Ogura Building, 6-6 Kobuna-cho, Nihombashi Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0024

  • Jorge Luiz Correa Romeiro
  • +55 (21) 2166-8309
  • romeiro@petrobras.com.br



Petrobras’ office in Singapore supports oil and oil product trade activities for China, India, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

We operate in several trade segments, including oil, diesel fuel, jet fuel, LPG, LNG, fuel oil, bunker, vessel chartering, vessel operations, and oil and oil product futures markets.


Petrobras Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Petrobras Singapore Private Limited
1 Raffles Place, 37 Floor Tower 1, One Raffles Place


  • Antônio José Ribeiro Lima Neto
  • Dirigente
  • alimaneto@petrobras.com.br
  • +65 6550-5080
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