Cooking gas for a cylinder of up to 13 kg (residential LPG)

Medium cooking gas prices for 13-kg cylinders to distributors without taxes




Cooking gas sold to distributors at the refineries, for 13-kg cylinders, is technically called liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for residential use, or P-13. The national average reported here considers the prices practiced at the different points of sale, which vary across the national territory, above or below the average, by up to 5 percent. The price is before taxes.

The selling price to distributors is not the only factor that determines the end price to the consumer. Since Brazilian law guarantees price freedom on the fuel and oil product market, revisions made by Petrobras may or not be reflected in the final price, which includes taxes and amounts passed on by the other agents in the trade sector, such as distributors and resellers.

Understand the composition of the prices for the end consumer and the entire fuel trade chain at

The selling price for cooking gas marketed in 13-kg cylinders is formed by the average butane and propane prices practiced on the European market, plus a margin of 5 percent. Adjustments will be made quarterly as from January 2018.

The adjustment percentage calculation will take into account the changes in these products' prices and in the exchange rate in the previous twelve months, from the fourth quarter of 2018. Until then, a transition rule will be in effect based on which the calculation period for the quotations and the exchange rate will be lengthened gradually from six to nine months, and then 12 months.