Climate Change

Climate Change

Several studies indicate that increased greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated to the energy and transport sectors is a consequence of the surging consumption of energy, especially coming from fossil fuels. Therefore, we are committed to understand the impact our activity has on climatic conditions and to deploying measures to mitigate them.

Our strategy is focusing on initiatives related to energy efficiency, operating improvements, new technology research and development, using renewable energy sources (particularly biofuels), and promoting the efficient use of our products. With these actions, we mitigate the growth curve of the greenhouse gases generated by our operations and products, contributing to the expansion of our business taking place on a sustainable basis.

Emissions management

Our annual emissions inventory gathered, in 2013, data from more than 15,000 sources of emissions and is disclosed voluntarily in our own publications and through participation in initiatives such as the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) - an independent, nonprofit organization that holds the largest global database on corporate climate impact in the world. This is a collective requirement, carried out through annual questionnaires prepared by corporate investors and addressed to companies listed on major stock exchanges in the world aiming to secure the disclosure of information on corporate policies for climate change.

Since 2002, Petrobras' emissions have been compiled through the Emissions Management System (Sigea®), a computerized system whose results are regularly submitted to third party verification, in accordance with standard ISO 14064.

Key mitigating actions and results

In exploration and production, we have achieved a significant reduction in the intensity of GHG emissions, especially the 11.4 percent decrease from burning gas in torches in 2013. The continuity of the Associated Gas Utilization Optimization Program (POAG 2015) allowed the use of 93 percent of the associated gas in 2013, outperforming previous years.

Among our technological R&D programs are the Technological Program for Climate Change Mitigation (Proclima), which develops solutions to mitigate GHG emissions from our processes and products; the Technological Program for the Management of CO2 at the Pre-Salt Development, and the Biofuels Technology Program.

Through the Petrobras Socioenvironmental Program, we also sponsor environmental projects designed for water conservation, carbon fixation, and emission mitigation.