Operating Safety


We work every day thinking about the safety of our employees and our operations. Therefore, we prepare for risks seeking to improve our operations to mitigate their impact on the environment, on people's health, and on the assets themselves and the communities where we operate.

To prevent accidents, we meet rules and adopt strict standards and operating procedures. Our workforce is trained to operate safely. We practice the "When in doubt, stop!" motto. If anyone has any questions while undertaking a procedure, he or she is instructed to stop immediately.

We are always in pursuit of new solutions to control major risks and impacts, including partnering with other companies operating out of the industry. At the business areas and subsidiaries, we have implemented the Zero Spill Plan, with actions in the areas aimed at reducing the risk of spills.

Environmental Defense Centers

To minimize potential impacts in case of extreme situations, we seek to make our emergency response plans more agile and effective. We have ten Environmental Protection Centers, 14 Advanced Bases and Emergency Response Centers distributed nationwide. In addition to boats, vessels, collector equipment and containment barriers, the Environmental Protection Centers are equipped with communication equipment and vehicles that may be quickly moved by road or air to combat emergencies anywhere in Brazil.