Generating power, we are committed to the economic development of the areas where we operate and to improving the quality of life of the entire society. In our activities, we seek to act with social responsibility, encouraging ethical, transparent behavior, in accordance with our codes of conduct and supported by principles such as the UN Global Compact.

Besides spurring the development of the local economies' productive chain, we create permanent dialog channels with the communities that surround the areas where we work. In the Petrobras Agenda 21 Program, for example, communities located in our units’ areas of influence participate in the creation of joint plans for sustainable development.

We also sponsor social, environmental, cultural and sports projects selected nationwide. The initiatives contribute to local, regional, and national development, generating income, promoting environmental protection, strengthening the cultural productive chain, and boosting access to sports practices.

We operate in sports by investing in various modes and projects that contribute giving access to children and youth to sports and education.

Social Responsibility is a form of integrated, ethical, and transparent management of business and activities and of our relationships with all stakeholders.

When we provide energy, we contribute to the development of the locations where we operate, to generating wealth, and to expanding the supply of goods and services.

Maintaining an ethical and transparent relationship with the communities surrounding our operations is one of our commitments.

We guide our performance based on respect for life, people, and the environment, and seek to inspire movements that improve the life of society as a whole.

Supporting culture is a way to ensure access to cultural assets and to affirm the Brazilian identity, with all of its ethnic and regional diversity.

We conduct our business in accordance with the ten principles set forth under the UN Global Compact and partake of the Pro-Gender and Race Equity Program.

In order to ensure that our work is always guided by ethics and transparency, we need to adopt effective mechanisms for monitoring, inspection, and accountability.