Community Relations

Maintaining an ethical and transparent community relations surrounding our operations is one of our commitments. Therefore, we evaluate the potential environmental, social and economic value of our activities and value ongoing dialog, holding meetings, discussion forums, and encouraging the development of the local economies' productive chains. By knowing the reality that surrounds us, we can respect diversity and contribute to the communities' quality of life.

The Santana Archipelago Coastal Planning Project, in the State of Rio de Janeiro, is a successful example of this. We have built joint solutions based on the knowledge of the fishermen, and have been able to organize the space for the use of the sea areas, both by Petrobras and by the fishing community.

We also have a number of initiatives for communities located around pipeline ranges, terminals and other facilities, in addition to preventive actions in the service station network.

Petrobras Agenda 21 Program

Agenda 21 is a methodology that emerged from the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (Rio 92) for the creation of community and local plans for sustainable development.

The Petrobras Agenda 21 Program is already in operation in more than 200 communities in our units' areas of influence. The plans are prepared by the communities themselves, with the participation of other social players and the mediation of facilitator institutions. We also promote the Comperj Agenda 21 program, which operates in 14 municipalities that surround the Comperj (Rio de Janeiro Petrochemical Complex).