Promotion of Culture

A play, a book, a dance show, a work of art, a movie... There are numerous cultural events that mark our lives and help us become more critical, conscientious citizens. To us, supporting culture is a way to ensure access to cultural assets and to affirm the Brazilian identity, with all of its ethnic and regional diversity.

Since the 1980s, we have been investing in actions conceived for the creation, circulation, and enjoyment of cultural heritage, strengthening the training of both technical and new audiences. We played an important role, for example, in the resumption of Brazilian cinema in the 1990s. We also sponsor historical building restoration and actions aimed at memory and reflection, including initiatives related to material and immaterial collections.

In line with the public policies for the industry, the Petrobras Cultural Program is the flagship cultural sponsorship program in Brazil. We support projects in all regions and of all sizes, whether invited or included via public selection.

The public selections are a transparent process that democratizes access to our sponsorship funds. There are different criteria for each area, and they are widely disseminated. Projects are analyzed by commissions, which are renewed at each edition and comprise civil society representatives with important activities in their areas.

The Program has three performance lines:

  • Production and Dissemination
  • Preservation and Memory
  • Training/Education for the Arts

Rio de Janeiro Municipal Theater (Theatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro) - Brazilian Historic Monuments

Rio de Janeiro Municipal Theater (Theatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro) - Brazilian Historic Monuments
Rio de Janeiro Municipal Theater (Theatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro) - Brazilian Historic Monuments

The Rio de Janeiro Municipal Theater was opened in 1909 and is the main concert hall in the country, with three of its own artistic ensembles: A choir, a symphony orchestra, and a ballet company.

On the international scene, it stands out as one of the most important spaces dedicated to classical music, classical dance, and theater in South America. Petrobras has sponsored the Theater's program since 2004, including operas, ballets and the venue's anniversary, with a full day of free performances.

We strengthened our ties with the Municipal Theater during the 18 months of its restoration, which we were one of the sponsors of. During this period, this beautiful building was closed for the broadest and most careful restoration in its 101 years of existence.

Completed in May 2010, this process encompassed not only the preservation and maintenance of its premises, but also adapting it to new needs, taking its historical, socio-cultural, and artistic symbolism into account.

Galpão Group - Popular Theater

Galpão Group - Popular Theater
Galpão Group - Popular Theater

Established in 1982, the Galpão Group has reaffirmed, throughout its history, its vocation and first and foremost commitment: Reinventing life through art, making it possible for the audience to experience theater as joy, transformation, growth, and reflection on the human being.

Throughout this journey, which commenced in Belo Horizonte, the group renewed itself constantly, treading varied possibilities: Street theater and theater in enclosed spaces; techniques of distinct schools of drama; working with different directors; the art of circus; song and live music; classic and modern texts, and texts created by the group itself.

Petrobras understood Galpão's proposal to its fullest potential. Today, we are more than sponsors: We are attentive partners, betting on the group's artistic work and investing in a number of outreach and community activities it undertakes.