Social Investment

Social Investment

Our activities should generate economic development, but also improve the quality of life of the society as a whole. To achieve this, we make social investments that reflect our commitment to the history and future of the countries where we operate. In Brazil, we sponsor social, environmental, cultural and sports projects in synergy with public policy. We seek initiatives that combine diversity, consistency, continuity, and sustainable actions.

In 2016, we invested R$241 million in 586 social, environmental, cultural, and sports projects. Besides transferring financial resources, we provide training and make assessments that contribute to structuring projects, strengthening organizations, and establishing new partnerships.

Get to know our sponsorship programs:

Petrobras Socioenvironmental Program – Projects related to socioenvironmental issues, with practices geared toward an ecologically balanced and socially equitable environment.

Petrobras Cultural Program – Projects that address the various stages of the culture production chain, from pre-production to the end consumption of cultural goods and services.

Public Selections

Most projects are picked through public selections, for which registration is free, in all Brazilian regions. When a selection process is open, we divulge it broadly and provide clarification to applicants both in person and over the Internet.