Social Responsibility Policy

To us, Social Responsibility is the mechanism for the integrated, ethical, and transparent management of our business and of our relationships with all stakeholders, driving human rights and citizenship, respecting human and cultural diversity, not allowing discrimination, degrading work, child and slave labor, contributing to sustainable development and to reducing social inequality.

Get to know our commitments:

  1. Workforce Commitment

    Commit the workforce to Petrobras System’s Social Responsibility Policy.

  2. Integrated Management

    Ensure integrated social responsibility management at the Petrobras System.

  3. Sustainable Development

    Carry Petrobras System’s business and activities out with social responsibility, implementing our commitments pursuant to the principles set forth by the UN’s Global Compact and contributing to sustainable development.

  4. Human Rights

    Respect and support internationally-acknowledged human rights, guiding Petrobras System’s actions based on the promotion of the principles of decent work and non-discrimination.

  5. Diversity

    Respect the human and cultural diversity of our workforce and of the countries where we have operations.

  6. Labor Principles

    Support the eradication of child, slave, and degrading work in Petrobras System’s productive chain.

  7. Sustainable Social Investment

    Seek sustainability for social investments for a worthy, productive insertion of the communities.

  8. Corporate Performance

    Make sure Petrobras System’s corporate governance is committed to ethics and transparency in its relationship with its stakeholders.