Petrobras: We are together in the fight against the new coronavirus

We are together in the fight against the new coronavirus

It is in great challenges that we rediscover the transforming power of our energy

A moment of crisis is also an opportunity for unity and collaboration with society. In a coordinated movement with our business partners, universities, science and technology institutes, and social organizations, we have launched a broad front of support in the fight against the coronavirus.

These are actions that set into motion our employees, researchers, and partners, using our technological infrastructure, resources and responsiveness to help save lives. They range from scientific cooperation with our technological network in search of agile solutions in the disease prevention and treatment and hospital support areas to initiatives to donate equipment and Covid-19 detection tests.
Get to know each of these actions:

Scientific Front
Lung Ventilators
Mechanical ventilators are among the devices that are essential to treat patients critically ill with Covid-19. With the rapid advance of the pandemic in Brazil, it is urgent to speed up new equipment production. For this end, we support Coppe-UFRJ in the production of prototypes of these ventilators, with the objective of developing a model that is less expensive and easier to assemble.

Supercomputers collaborate with vaccine and drug research
Three petaflops: Equivalent to the processing capacity of 3 million laptops. This is the computational availability that we are reallocating, together with partners, to collaborate with studies led by Stanford University in the pursuit of vaccines and drugs for COVID-19. The use of these supercomputers makes it possible to accelerate simulation time for researchers to reach faster results in their studies.  

Measuring the employees’ temperatures
Our infrared or thermographic control cameras - originally used for equipment inspection - are being adapted to measure our employees’ body temperature. To control the proliferation of Covid-19, this equipment is being specially converted to determine the employees’ body temperature, with a few parameters being adjusted together with device manufacturers. The device that identifies the emission of heat from hot equipment surfaces has been adapted for the human body.  

Social Responsibility Front
Donation of safety and hygiene items to the UFRJ Hospital
We donated about 20,000 safety devices and hygiene products to the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro’s Clementino Fraga Filho University Hospital, such as laboratory gloves, safety goggles, air purifying masks, flasks, alcohol, and detergent. The materials, which belong to the inventory of the company’s Research Center (Cenpes), will be used in the care of patients with coronavirus and to protect the health teams.
Donation of 600,000 Covid-19 diagnostic tests to SUS
We donated 600,000 Covid-19 diagnostic tests to the Unified Health System (SUS). Of this total, 400,000 will be delivered to the Ministry of Health, and 200,000 to the State of Rio de Janeiro Health Department. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) consider these RT-PCR tests the “gold standard,” because they provide an accurate diagnosis to identify the presence of the virus. The tests will be imported from the United States and are expected to arrive in Brazil in April.