Biofuel Production


Produção de Biocombustíveis

We will terminate our biofuel production activities aiming to optimize our business portfolio. At the moment, the Montes Claros (MG) and Candeias (BA) biodiesel plants continue operating, and the Quixadá (CE) unit is in hibernation.

In the future, Petrobras may re-evaluate the investment in this segment and, for that, use another business model. In this context, we will continue investing in renewable energy and biofuel research with the objective of making available technologies and maintaining technical skills that will allow us to return to the business on a competitive basis.

We have developed technologies to produce ethanol, aviation biofuel, diesel, and gasoline from agricultural waste at our Research Center (Cenpes). We created technologies to produce biodiesel and biolubricants from oils of different feedstock. We also cultivate microalgae for biofuel, biogas, and bio-oil production, among other activities.