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Prices for Gasoline and Diesel

Prices for gasoline and diesel fuel sold to distributors are based on the import parity price, formed by the international prices of these products plus the costs that importers would have, such as transportation and port taxes, for example. Parity is necessary because the Brazilian fuel market is open to free competition, thus distributors may opt to import products. In addition, pricing takes into account a margin that covers risks (such as exchange and price volatility).

The gasoline and diesel fuel that are sold to distributors are different from the products sold at the stations. These are type "A" fuels, i.e. gasoline before being blended with ethanol and diesel fuel without the addition of biodiesel. The products sold to the end consumers at the pumps are made with type “A” fuels blended with biofuels. The prices we disclose here are for type “A” products.

The selling price to distributors is not the sole determinant of the final price for the consumer. Since the Brazilian law guarantees price freedom on the fuels and byproduct market, Petrobras’ revisions may or not be reflected in the final price, which includes taxes and transfers from other trade agents: Biofuel distributors, resellers and producers, among others.