We have several ideas to make your life easier. You can count on us to find the solution you need. Get to know a few of our services.


Find out, here, which Lubrax lubricant is ideal for your vehicle (in portuguese).

Petrobras Credit Card

Enjoy discounts and benefits at various trading partners. The Petrobras International Visa is accepted worldwide. No annual fee, no membership fee, no statement fee, and up to 40 days to pay. Use it, earn points and exchange them for benefits. Learn how (in portuguese).


Petrobras Premmia

With Petrobras Premmia you earn points 

every time you tank up at participating service stations and buy at the BR Mania Stores and at Lubrax +. Register now (in portuguese).

BR Mania

There is always a BR Mania near you. Find the convenience store nearest to you (in portuguese).

Total Fleet Control

Get to know our fully automated supply system that aims to streamline and optimize 

the fleet fueling process, affording savings, efficiency, and safety (in portuguese).

Aviation Card

The BR Aviation Card streamlines and automates the procurement process for BR Aviation products and services. 

With it in hand, everything is fast, convenient, and secure (in portuguese). For more information, call: 0800 7724470.

BR Aviation Club

A program tailored for those who love aviation. To have access to all of these advantages, all you have to do is join. When using BR Aviation Products, you earn points to redeem for prizes. Learn more and sign up (in portuguese).