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How does innovation work at Petrobras?

Our priority is to innovate in order to maximize value and competitiveness in low carbon businesses, aiming at a long-term diversification. To achieve this, our digital transformation and innovation strategy is to innovate to generate value in our business, today and in the future, and achieve decarbonization objectives.

This strategy is implemented through a framework, called the Innovation Engine, and is managed in order to accelerate the generation of results through innovation at scale.

Discover the Connections for Innovation, our Open Innovation program

Innovation is part of our DNA! This applies when we look for new solutions, when we create a new technology and when we apply new ways of working. Connections for Innovation is a clear example of what we are talking about. Through it, we promote a series of initiatives to intensify our integration with science and technology institutions, universities, startups, companies from different sectors and entrepreneurial researchers.

We are talking about an environment of real opportunities for the market, whether to learn about Petrobras' main challenges, present and technically discuss potential solutions, or to jointly develop technologies, taking advantage of the know-how of our specialists, our laboratories, and our experimental park.

Access opportunities to participate

We are creating connections to lead a fair energy transition in Brazil

Low carbon projects and solutions have gained priority under the Connections for Innovation. Currently, there are more than 70 partnerships in force to develop solutions focused on renewable energy, energy efficiency and emissions reduction, totaling a contracted investment of over BRL300 million.

It was through these partnerships that we were able to develop, test or commercialize several initiatives that improve the carbon performance of operations, in addition to technologies for carbon capture and storage.

Faça parte desse ecosssistema de inovação

How to participate in the Connections for Innovation program

If you are part of the world of innovation, there is certainly room for you at Connections! In total, there are seven different modules. Discover each of them below.

Check out some numbers from Connections for Innovation so far

Our Open Innovation program has already achieved many relevant results and we have many reasons to celebrate.
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