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Petrobras brand on a metallic plate, in front of a company office.

The Petrobras brand

When you hear about “Petrobras”, what comes to mind? A Brazilian company that develops technology to extract oil from the bottom of the ocean? A company that moves and transforms society based on the energy it produces? A company that invests in knowledge and innovation to generate less impact on the environment? Or all of the above?

Our brand is much more than our logo. It is a collective construction. It is a concept that exists in people's heads about what Petrobras represents to them. We are proud to have a history of achievements and overcoming obstacles, which earned Petrobras the 8th place in the 2021/2022 Brandz Most Valuable Brands in Brazil ranking, valued at USD 2.639 billion. These strategic and conceptual aspects of our brand are defined in our brand positioning guide, which sets forth, based on our purpose, our values, our vision and our business strategy, how we want to be perceived by our various audiences. 

To download the brand positioning guide, you need access to the Petrobras brand content collection.

Our logo

You must have already seen our green and yellow around: at gas stations, airports, on the facade of our buildings, in events and projects sponsored by us, in TV campaigns or on our social networks. Our logo is the main graphic materialization of our brand and symbolizes our company in all these spaces. It is the result of rigorous branding and visual communication studies carried out by strategy, marketing and design professionals.

Download the logo and application rules

But we weren't always green and yellow. Discover below a little bit about the history of our brand.
Petrobras brand. On the left, a green and yellow square with the writing BR; On the right, it reads Petrobras in green.

History of our brand

The company's first institutional brand was created in 1958. The Petrobras still had the accent mark, it had shapes and colors that corresponded to the nationalist aspirations of the time. Since then, the brand changed as the company grew and gained market share in Brazil and abroad.
1958 - The first Petrobras brand is born
The first institutional brand was composed of a yellow diamond, with a green outline, with the word Petrobrás (which still had an accent mark) in blue inside it. The shape and colors used sought to match to the nationalist aspirations of the time, connecting the company's brand to the colors and shapes of the Brazilian flag. This first design started being used in July 1958.

1972 - The brand is redesigned
With the evolution of graphics, the Petrobras brand became outdated compared to other brands, which had a more modern design. At the same time, the company grew, expanded its activities, created subsidiaries, and became the largest company in Brazil. The logo became inappropriate for the company's new image, which was increasingly complex and diversified, tending towards fragmentation of the image, due to the implementation of individual brands and symbols and the lack of a visual unit between the parent company and the subsidiaries.

In October 1972, a new brand was approved. All Petrobras System companies started to use this new identification, achieving the desired visual integration.

The guide for this brand had the following explanation regarding its development, comparing it with the previous brand: "The brand logo is detached, considering the premise that it used to be enclosed by it. A representative typeface was sought. Helvetica, of scientific design and good optical quality, was chosen".

And it goes on: "The diamond is analyzed, dismantling it into its basic elements. You get a kind of variable-angle V, used since ancient Greece and Egypt as a symbol of property and hierarchy, now universally adopted. The V is updated, increasing its thickness. Two Vs are assembled, obtaining a simple, clear and strong shape, with sharp contrasts".

This brand became known as the hexagon-diamond and was used for 22 years on tanks, ships, vehicles, uniforms, publications, correspondence – in short, on all elements associated with the day-to-day activities of Petrobras and its subsidiaries.

1994 - Marcas da Petrobras e da Distribuidora se fundem

Enquanto a Petrobras utilizava a marca hexágono-losango, a Petrobras Distribuidora começava a usar, em seus negócios, a marca Petrobras com um "BR" em destaque - uma linha sobre os caracteres "BR" presentes na própria palavra Petrobras. Esse logotipo foi desenvolvido no início da década de 70 pelo designer Aloísio Magalhães. Além do logotipo, ele criou também uma forma de utilizar o BR como um símbolo, a fim de estabelecer uma identidade visual atraente para os postos de serviço e para os produtos comercializados pela Petrobras Distribuidora.

O símbolo BR passou a ser uma representação que se difundiu amplamente a partir do crescimento da Petrobras no mercado de distribuição de derivados de petróleo. A marca tornou-se visível para o público consumidor, principalmente nos postos de serviço instalados nas principais vias de todas as cidades brasileiras.

Desde então, o símbolo BR passou por pequenas variações, como troca de cores e posição de alguns elementos. Em 1982, pelas mãos do designer Rafael Rodrigues, o símbolo recebeu um amplo redesenho, tornando-se o símbolo conhecido até os dias atuais.

1994 - The Petrobras and Distribuidora brands merge
While Petrobras used the diamond-hexagon brand, Petrobras Distribuidora began to use the Petrobras brand in its businesses with "BR" highlighted - a line over the "BR" characters present in the word Petrobras itself. This logo was developed in the early 1970s by designer Aloísio Magalhães. In addition to the logo, he also created a way to use the BR as a symbol, in order to establish an attractive visual identity for the service stations and for the products sold by Petrobras Distribuidora.

The BR symbol became a representation that was widely disseminated as a result of Petrobras' growth in the oil derivatives distribution market. The brand became visible to the consumer public, mainly at service stations installed on the main roads of all Brazilian cities.

Since then, the BR symbol has gone through minor variations, such as changing colors and position of some elements. In 1982, by the hands of designer Rafael Rodrigues, the symbol received a major redesign and became the symbol we know today.

Current Petrobras logo

The merger
At the beginning, the service station network used the two symbols: the BR on the station flags and the hexagon-diamond on a plate, next to the Petrobras brand. Later, BR became known and gained prestige among the public. This meant that the diamond-hexagon was no longer used at service stations, becoming part of the Petrobras System's institutional communication, while BR established itself as a symbol aimed at the company's commercial activities.

This decision ended up creating a problem, as the public began to dissociate Petrobras Distribuidora's image from the holding company's image. The fact is that the use of different symbols weakens the concept of an integrated oil company, which was Petrobras' objective. With a distinct symbol, Distribuidora was perceived only as a subsidiary and not as an essential part of the Petrobras System. The service stations and the Distribuidora started to be called just BR, moving away from the Petrobras brand, in the minds of consumers.

The unification of the Petrobras and Distribuidora brands took place in 1994. The diamond-hexagon was abandoned, and the BR symbol took its place, resolving this separation, while meeting the company's strategic planning objectives, with regard to aspects related to visual identity: strengthening the image of the Petrobras System and preserving the status of an integrated company.
Image of the printed version of the Petrobras Identity System,

Our identity

The Identity System is our tool to give unity and personality to Petrobras' communications. It is composed of three dimensions: visual identity, verbal identity and sound identity. There are hundreds of possibilities and combinations that allow the construction of a unique perception, a distinctive experience. This is the way the brand presents itself. 

Our visual identity is composed of:

  • A supporting color palette that complements our main colors and expands the creative possibilities of our materials.
  • Curved graphic elements that bring movement and modernity to our pieces.
  • An exclusive typography was used in our texts, which communicates dynamism, technology and proximity. Guidelines for the use of photographs, icons and illustrations that will portray our activities.


Along with these visual identity elements, we also have guidelines for verbal identity It is sound identity, which, used together, will give personality to our pieces and give coherence to our speech.

In the corporate identity guides, you will find in detail all the guidelines for applying the visual, verbal and sound identity.

To download identity guides, you need access to Petrobras brand content collection.

Other identity guidelines and applications

In addition to guidelines for communication pieces, we also have documents that provide standardization for:
  • Sponsored Projects.

  • Institutional materials (stationery, badges, presentation models, etc.).
  • Events (stands and kiosks).

  • Signaling for administrative, industrial and maritime environments*.

  • Space design projects*.

  • Clothing for brand representatives*.

*To download, go to Petrobras brand content collection.


Other brands

We also have specific rules for the use of other brands of products, services, and programs owned by Petrobras, such as Grid, Podium, Premmia, BR Aviation, among others.

To download the brands and guides, access our Petrobras Brand Collection.

Imagem do Card

Content collection related to brand and identity

Will you be using our brand? Do you need to create layouts with our visual identity? Do you want to download our soundtracks? Do you need guidelines on signage and space design? Access the link below to find the guides, application rules and files needed to develop communication pieces suited to the positioning and identity of the Petrobras Brand.

 Access related content collection

If you are a Petrobras employee, access the content in the Petrobras Brand Library, on Workplace.

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