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Natural Gas Distribution Offer: understand what our role is

We are the main producer of natural gas in Brazil and we know its importance for the country. We give third-parties access to our infrastructure to encourage the market.
Picture of Petrobras pipelines in operation.

Current Scenario

In view of the growing gas market in Brazil, we are implementing initiatives to facilitate diversification and the entry of new agents in the industry. This way, not only are we cooperating for a more mature gas market, but we also intend to encourage new investments in the industry with the purpose of promoting and boosting the growth of the segment. 

Therefore, we are making our natural gas distribution units available to third parties. In this context, we will play the owner role in an independent way or in partnerships, in natural gas distribution infrastructures, and we seek, in full compliance with federal regulations, to allow third-party access, a key aspect for market opening. 

In addition, we are also offering natural gas processing capacity.

The natural gas chain is a network industry without stock in the Exploration and Production (E&P) field and, because of the joint production among gas companies, the distribution of the production of companies in E&P projects happens in a single flow. This means that the distribution of gas from all companies in the project is carried out simultaneously and, if one of the partners does not have an alternative for distribution, the full production of the platform will have to be interrupted, affecting all the consortium members. This has a direct impact on the calculation and on the payment of government interests. This way, access to the distribution infrastructure guarantees the flow of production and predictability in customer service.

Petrobras currently has three natural gas distribution pipeline systems and participates in the Santos Basin Integrated Distribution System (SIE-BS), which includes gas pipelines owned by Petrobras, Shell Brasil Petróleo Ltda, Petrogal Brasil SA and Repsol Sinopec Brasil SA.

Information on natural gas distribution routes

Map and information on distribution infrastructure in the country.

Map of Petrobras' natural gas distribution and processing infrastructure in Brazil.
Map and details of the Campos Basin natural gas distribution and processing infrastructure.
Map and details of the Bahia Basin natural gas distribution and processing infrastructure.

Map and details of the Espirito Santo Basin natural gas distribution and processing infrastructure. Map and details of the Santos Basin natural gas distribution and processing infrastructure.

Imagem do Card
Imagem do Card

Technical Information on Distribution Infrastructure

Complete technical sheet of Petrobras' natural gas distribution infrastructure in Brazil.

Business Model and Distribution Contract

The business model for third-party access to the natural gas distribution infrastructure  is carried out through negotiations of the use of the gas distribution capacity by parties that may be interested in using the gas pipelines for the distribution of their natural gas production.

The model for contracting the natural gas distribution capacity was based on the principles of the “Best Practices Booklet – Guidelines for Accessing the Natural Gas Distribution Unit”.

The cost per cubic meter distributed, to be paid by the contractor of the natural gas distribution capacity to Petrobras, is subject to free negotiation between the parties, based on transparent and non-discriminatory conditions, as established in Law No. 14,134/2021 and in Decree 10,712/2021.

The right to use the Catu, Espírito Santo, or Campos Basin pipelines is formalized through the execution of a natural gas distribution contract to be signed between Petrobras and the interested companies. These companies shall negotiate the conditions for accessing and using the pipelines' distribution capacities.

As for SIE BS, it comprises the pipelines on Routes 1, 2, and 3 (the last one is under construction) and contracts that allow its use by companies that intend to distribute gas from production sites to the various outlets of the system. These companies' access shall be granted by means of the execution an Adhesion Contract in addition to the contracts already signed with the owners of the SIE BS.

Offer and Contracting of Distribution Capacity

We offer distribution capacity to potentially interested parties who have rights over the production of natural gas from production sites. For the purposes of promoting and guaranteeing the continuity of oil and gas production in the country, we do that in two stages:

1st Stage: Offer of capacity to agents who have rights over the production of natural gas from production fields, in order to guarantee the continuity of oil and gas production in the country. This stage is already underway.

2nd Stage: Offer of available processing capacity (after 1st-stage negotiations) to other interested agents. This offer will happen annually.

In order to guarantee equal and non-discriminatory treatment, all agents shall go through the following phases to contract processing capacity:

  • Agents express interest in contracting distribution capacity;
  • Signing of a confidentiality agreement for the exchange of information between Petrobras and the potential contractor;
  • Exchange of initial information and definition of the negotiation schedule between the parties;
  • Negotiation between the parties for the execution of the distribution contract.

Contact Information

If you are interested in starting negotiations for access to the Catu, Espírito Santo, or Campos Basin distribution Infrastructures, please send an email to:

For matters relating to the Infrastructure of the Santos Basin (SIE BS), companies interested in the distribution should make contact via email:

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