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Add Cleaner: the technological additive fuel

It is more efficient, cleaner, and it even helps reduce costs. Learn more about Add Cleaner, our additive fuel oil.
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Photo of two industrial boilers, representing the development of Add Cleaner Petrobras fuel.

A more efficient fuel oil with the best cost x benefit

We developed an additive fuel oil for use in industrial furnaces and steam generation in boilers, which provides a more complete and efficient combustion, tested and approved at the Technological Research Institute of São Paulo – IPT.

O Add Cleaner Petrobras acts during storage and combustion. Our exclusive additive process, which is completely automated, ensures a more homogeneous and effective product.

Discover the benefits of Add Cleaner

During storage, the additive acts as a detergent/dispersant, reducing the formation of sludge and deposits in lines and tanks. In the combustion stages, the additive works as a combustion catalyst and reduces soot emissions.

The technology of Add Cleaner Petrobras

The catalytic action of the additive reduces the diameter of the cenospheres and increases the efficiency of the burn, allowing for the reduction of the amount of unburned coke particles. These particles are converted into CO2, reducing the amount of soot.

Know the phases of Combustion:

The combustion stages of Add Cleaner : formation of cenospheres, burning of components and post-burning.

Answer your questions about Add Cleaner

Check out how Petrobras can meet your company's needs

To maximize results at the start of the operation with Petrobras Add Cleaner, our Licensed Representative provides technical support, instructs on handling and monitors performance. Make a consultation to get an evaluation.
Além do Add Cleaner Petrobras, desenvolvemos e comercializamos diversos outros produtos de alta qualidade para atender às demandas da sociedade e das indústrias brasileiras. Conheça todos.

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