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Marine Diesel: navigate safely, in any weather

Embark with us and learn more about Petrobras Marine Diesel Oil, our fuel made for small and medium-sized vessels.
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Picture of a fishing boat at sea, representing the use of Petrobras Marine Diesel Oil.

By sea or rivers, energy to go beyond the roads

To Petrobras, its paths do not end at the end of the road — they go beyond, by sea or by rivers. Marine Diesel Oil (DMA) is the fuel that helps you go further, sailing safely.

Main applications of marine diesel

  • Passenger and cargo transport vessels.

  • Vessels for commercial and industrial fishing.

  • Vessels for personal and sporting use.

  • Military vessels.

  • Tug vessels.

  • Auxiliary power generators on drillships and petroleum platforms.

Petrobras Marine Diesel

It is diesel oil for use in small and medium-sized vessels, among other applications, suitable for the operating conditions of confined inboard and sterndrive engines. It provides adequate performance and safe navigation, with the best cost-benefit ratio.

Petrobras Marine Diesel Oil is produced in our refineries with the highest technology and quality. It meets the specific conditions of marine and river use, adequate to the quality requirements that define the performance, engine emissions, and safety of the vessel. We sell Marine Diesel to fuel distributors, which provide it to nautical stations and supply points.
To find out which diesel oil meets the minimum engine requirement, you should always consult the manual or the equipment manufacturer.

Check out how Petrobras can meet your company's needs

This product meets the specifications of the National Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels Agency (ANP), suitable for the Brazilian market, with different equivalents for other countries.

Besides Petrobras Marine Diesel Oil, we develop and sell several other high quality products to meet the demands of society and Brazilian industries. Know all of them.

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