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Porto Engenheiro Zephyrino Lavenère Machado Filho – Macaé Port

Porto Engenheiro Zephyrino Lavenère Machado Filho is the only port owned by Petrobras to service the logistics supporting routine and specialized projects for anchoring platforms across the company.


In 2012, due to the 35th anniversary of production in the Campos Basin, Petrobras honored Engineer Zephyrino Lavenère Machado Filho, who died that year, by baptizing the former Imbetiba Port as “Porto Engenheiro Zephyrino Lavenère Machado Filho”.

The engineer coordinated the team that first extracted commercial oil from the Campos Basin and was an active participant in the evolution and development of submarine engineering, which made it possible to extract oil from deep waters.

Built at the end of the 1970s, until 2018, the port carried out logistics supply operations to meet the demands of general cargo, diesel, water, liquid and solid bulk, of the Exploration and Production Units operating in the Campos Basin. In 2016, in compliance with the new legislation, we signed a TUP (Private Use Terminal) Joinder Agreement with ANTAQ, No. 111/2016, in force until the present date.

As of 2018, with the transfer of demands from the Exploration and Production Units of the Campos and Espírito Santo Basin to the Açu Port, as it has better logistics, Petrobras started several infrastructure works at BMAC, such as deepening the maritime access channels, adjustments to the mooring structures, among others, so as to transform it into a special operations port, with the purpose of meeting the demands of the Anchoring Submarine Engineering, in addition to other special services such as Ocean Terminals Operation (OPTO).

A new port operator was also contracted, with characteristics that are better suited to meet the anchoring demands, which moves torpedoes up to 120 tons and anchoring chains that are even larger. As of January 2021, the anchoring operations were fully transferred to BMAC.

Porto Engenheiro Zephyrino Lavanère Machado Filho is located in the municipality of Macaé, 182 km from the capital, in the Northern shore of the State of Rio de Janeiro. The area borders the cities of Quissamã, Carapebus and Conceição de Macabu, in the North; Rio das Ostras and Casimiro de Abreu, in the South; Trajano de Moraes and Nova Friburgo, West; and the Atlantic Ocean, East.

Dock and Pier


Imbetiba Terminal

The use of the Imbetiba cove to move cargo dates back to 1872, same period in which the construction of the Campos-Macaé channel started. At that time, the site was an alternative to the distribution of the agricultural production of the region, which was previously and exclusively done through São João da Barra. At the start of the 20th Century, with the conclusion of the railway, which connected Macaé to the city of Niterói, the port, which was in its prime at the end of the previous century, started to decline and stopped being the center of the local economy.

Mid-1970s, with the discovery of oil and gas reserves in the Campos Basin, Petrobras saw the port’s potential for the company operations in the region and acquired the area. At the end of the 1970s, the construction started for what would become the Imbetiba Basis and its maritime terminal.


​​​​​​By road: BR 101 and Rodovia Amaral Peixoto

The port can also be accessed by Rio Dourado, Rio das Ostras or Macaé.

Photo of route to Porto do Macaé
Another route option to Porto do Macaé

By train: There is none

By sea: Imbetiba Bay / Macaé

Map photo showing dimensions of the Port of Macaé in more detail

Dock and Pier

Porto Engenheiro Zephyrino Lavanère Machado Filho is made up of three (3) piers with the following characteristics.
  • Length: 90 m per pier;
  • Width: 15 m;
  • Depth: 9 m;
  • Number of berths per pier: two (2) for vessels with, at most, one hundred and twenty-one meters (121 m) in length.


Reference: Ordinance 060/91 of the Capitania dos Portos do Estado do Rio de Janeiro)


Alpha Area: mainly used for vessels contracted by Petrobras with maximum draught of five (5) meters, limited by the polygon formed by the coordinates:

  • Lat. 22º 21' 54'' and Long 41º 45' 30'' W
  • Lat. 22º 21' 54'' and Long 41º 44' 30'' W
  • Lat. 22º 21' 48'' and Long 41º 44' 30'' W
  • Lat. 22º 22' 48'' and Long 41º 45' 30'' W

Bravo Area: mainly used by vessels contracted by Petrobras with draught between five (5) and eight (8) meters, limited by the polygon formed by the coordinates:

  • Lat. 22º 23' 42'' and Long 41º 43' 31.2'' W
  • Lat. 22º 24' 18'' and Long 41º 42' 48'' W
  • Lat. 22º 24' 50'' and Long 41º 44' 42'' W
  • Lat. 22º 24' 14'' and Long 41º 44' 00'' W
Charlie Area: for vessels with draught higher than eight (8) meters and for anchoring platforms, limited by the polygon formed by the coordinates:
  • Lat. 22º 26’ 00’’s and Long. 41º 42’ 00’ ’W
  • Lat. 22º 26’ 48’’s and Long. 41º 41’ 12’’ W
  • Lat. 22º 28’ 10’’s and Long. 41º 43’ 15’’ W
  • Lat. 22º 27’ 30’’s and Long. 41º 44’ 00’’ W


Equipment to transport cargo:

  • 01 crane with capacity for 75 t;
  • 01 crane with capacity for 150 t;
  • 01 crane with capacity for 100 t;
  • 01 crane with capacity for 200 t;
  • 01 forklift with capacity for 20 t;
  • Packaging and Containerization Area
  • 01 forklift with capacity for 12 t;
  • 04 forklifts with capacity for 10 t;
  • 01 forklift with capacity for 3 t;
  • 05 semi-trailer of 28 t;
  • 01 semi-trailer of 60 t;
  • 01 semi-trailer of 100 t;
  • 01 truck of 16 t;
  • 05 mechanical horses with trailer type high board of 30 t;
  • 02 mechanical horses with trailer type high board of 63 t;
  • 01 Aluminum boat with engine.

South Access Channel

  • Length: 960 m
  • Width: 190 m
  • Maximum depth: 8 m

North Access Channel

  • Length: 96 0m
  • Width: 190 m
  • Maximum depth: 9 m

Buoys (quantity)

Two luminous buoys, namely:

  • Luminous buoy IMBETIBA No. 1 - NRORD 2180
  • Luminous buoy IMBETIBA No. 3 - NRORD 2184
  • Torch Imbetiba - NRORD 2188
Tabela de Informações
Número de ordem Nome Cor Latitude Longitude
NRORD 2178  Imbetiba nº 1 E 22 22,74' S 41 45,18' W
NRORD 2179 Imbetiba nº2 V 22 22,85' S 41 45,17’ W
NRORD 2179.01 Imbetiba nº3 E 22 22,80' S 41 45,61’ W
NRORD 2179.02 Imbetiba nº4 V 22 22,90’ S 41 45,59’ W
NRORD 2180 Imbetiba nº5 E 22 22,87’ S 41 46,06’ W
NRORD 2187 Base de Imbetiba R(9)B 22 22,96’ S 41 45,86’ W
NRORD 2184 Imbetiba nº7 E 22 22,95’ S 41 46,11’ W
NRORD 2186 Imbetiba nº09 E 22 23,06’ S 41 46,18’ W
NRORD 2186.02 Imbetiba Sul nº1 E 22 23,30’ S 41 45,51’ W
NRORD 2186.03 Imbetiba Sul nº2 V 22 23,37’ S 41 45,60’ W
NRORD 2186.04 Imbetiba Sul nº3 E 22 23,11’ S 41 45,71’ W
NRORD 2186.05 Imbetiba Sul nº4 V 22 23,19’ S 41 45,79’ W
NRORD 2188 / G 0348.5 Imbetiba (Molhe) V 22 23,01’ S 41 45,99’ W

Main goods

  • Non-standardized containers;
  • Pipes;
  • Liquid bulk (Water, Diesel Oil, Drilling/Complementation Fluids);
  • Ties;
  • Torpedoes.


  • Water Treatment Station: 6,000 m3
  • Maritime Diesel Oil: 4,500 m3

Evolution Basin

  • Size: 4.0 km2
  • Maximum depth: 9 m

Administrative and Storage Facilities

  • Pre-Loading Patios: 7,037 m2
  • Unloading Patios: 7,040 m2
  • Vehicle Parking Patio: 700 m2
  • Scale Area: 125 m2
  • Storage for Anti-Pollution Materials: 50 m2
  • Packaging and Containerization Area: 675 m2

Contact Information

Radio Communication Channel (for vessels)
  • Communication with the pier: Channel 14
  • General Communications: Channel 8
Emergengy Contact Telephone
(22) 3377-4725 (Delta)

For other information, contact Petrobras Customer Service:
​​​​​​​0800 728 9001
Working hours
The Port operates 24 hours a day.

Scheduling delivery and/or retrieval of cargo from the Imbetiba Port Base must be done by filling out this form.

After completing the form, your request will be reviewed and you will receive a confirmation email for the scheduling, along with a password. This document must be presented at the Petrobras Cargo Gate, as well as in our Screening Department, together with all other cargo documentation.

Scheduling must be done at least 12 hours in advance. A grace period of up to 30 minutes past the scheduled time will be allowed for delays in truck arrivals. Trucks arriving late will not be accommodated and a new scheduling will need to be arranged for the next available slot.

For questions and clarifications, please contact us through the following channels:

  • Email:
  • External Phone: (22) 3377-5488
  • Internal Phone: 767-5488
Paperless Port
All vessels must keep their registration with Paperless Port up to date and their DUV (single virtual document) in good standing to carry out operations at the Imbetiba Port Base. Request registration with Paperless Port through email:

Briefing de segurança

Para acesso ao Porto, assista ao briefing de segurança abaixo:

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