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Abreu e Lima Refinery

General Information

The Abreu e Lima Refinery (RNEST) is a new refining unit which came into operation 34 years after the last refinery we built for our refining park. The first refining set (Train 1) is already on stream, while the works to start up Train 2 are still underway. RNEST is located in Ipojuca, state of Pernambuco, in the Suape Port Industrial Complex, 45 km away from Recife.


The most modern refinery we have ever built, RNEST will also be our 5th largest unit in refining capacity (230,000 barrels per day - bpd) and is already contributing to supply the domestic demand for oil products. Among all Brazilian refineries, RNEST is our unit with the highest crude oil conversion rate in diesel (70%), a fuel that is essential for moving goods and the country's wealth.


The refinery is fitted with advanced refining technologies and is our unit with the highest level of automation. It was designed to meet world-class guidelines and has technologies that respect the environment, with the limelight on its high level of reliability and performance, meeting product quality, low maintenance cost, low power consumption, optimized water use, and maximum operational security standards.

Rodovia PE 60, Km 10 - Ipojuca - PE | Phone: 55 (81) 3879-3934

Technical Features

RNEST was designed with two sets of independent refining units to allow for flexibility in the use of various types of oil with greater operational reliability.

  •  Processing capacity: 230,000 barrels of oil per day.
  • Production: Focused on diesel fuel (70%). The refinery was designed to produce S-10 Diesel, a low-sulfur diesel fuel made pursuant to the strictest international standards (sulfur concentration at 10 parts per million). The main environmental advantages allowed for by S-10 Diesel is the reduction of particulate matter and nitrogen oxide emissions (by 80% and 98%, respectively);
  • Products: S-10 diesel, naphtha, fuel oil, coke, LPG (liquefied petroleum gas).


Basic refinery technical data

With the two refining trains in operation, the Abreu e Lima Refinery will have these units:

  • Two atmospheric distillation units (ADU);
  • 2 Delayed coking units (DCU);
  • Two diesel hydrotreatment units (DHT-D);
  • Two naphtha hydrotreatment units (NHT-D);
  • Two hydrogen generation units (HGU);
  • Two emissions abatement units (SNOX);

The project also foresees auxiliary units and logistics facilities.

Markets served

RNEST has been refining oil and producing oil products to supply to the market since December 2014. The new refinery's main objective is to produce diesel fuel and meet the demand for oil products in Northern and Northeastern Brazil, thus reducing imports.



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