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Paulínia (Replan)

General Information

Replan is our largest refinery in throughput: 66.000 cubic meters per day, equivalent to 415,000 barrels. Its production corresponds to 20% of all of the oil refining in Brazil, processing approximately 80% of the domestic oil, most of which coming from the Campos Basin.

Location:Rodovia SP 332 - Km. 130
Bonfim - Paulínia - SP
CEP: 13147-900

Phone:(19) 2116-6100


Terminals it is connected to

São Sebastião Terminal, Guararema Terminal, Barueri Terminal.

The Paulina Refinery is also connected to the Paulínia Pool Distribution Terminals, to the Petrobras Distribuidora Terminal, and to Liquigás' Base for LPG.

Brief background:

The Paulínia Refinery was inaugurated on May 12, 1972, soon after Paulínia emancipated politically from the city of Campinas. Its construction began in July 1969, and was completed in a thousand days, which today is a benchmark for the oil industry. The area where it is now installed belonged to the former São Francisco Farm and was divided and donated by the city of Paulínia.

The city was strategically selected for the construction of that which is currently Brazil's biggest refinery. Paulínia is 118 km away from the capital city, São Paulo. Its location, in addition to allowing for greater ease for production outflow, is in an area of great logistic facilities, with quick access to the main highway and railway transportation routes and air terminals in the state of São Paulo.

The Paulínia Refinery went on stream on February 2, 1972, three months before its inauguration. Back then, it used to process some 20,000 cubic meters of oil per day (126,000 barrels).

Technical Features

  • Total area: 9.1 km²
  • 2 Distillation units
  • 2 Catalytic Cracking units
  • 2 Delayed Coking units
  • 2 Diesel Hydrotreatment units
  • 2 Cracked Naphtha Hydrodesulfurization units
  • 1 Hydrogen Recovery unit
  • 1 Propene Separation unit

Installed capacity:

The installed capacity is 66,000 m³/day, equivalent to 415,000 barrels.

Main products:

Diesel, Gasoline, LPG, Fuel Oils, Jet Fuel, Asphalt, Petrochemical Naphtha, Raro, Coke, Propene, Sulfur, Hydrogenated Fluids.

Markets it serves:

Interior of São Paulo (55%), Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Rondônia and Acre (20%), Southern Minas Gerais and the so-called "Triângulo Mineiro" (10%), Goiás, Brasília, and Tocantins (15%).


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