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Henrique Lage (Revap)

General Information

The Henrique Lage Refinery (Revap) is located at the Presidente Dutra Highway, in São José dos Campos, in the Paraíba Valley. It occupies an area of 10,000,000 m², and went on stream in March 1980. It currently supplies, primarily, the São Paulo and Midwestern markets.

Location:Rodovia Presidente Dutra, KM 143, S/N
Bairro Jardim Diamante - São José dos Campos – SP
CEP: 12223-900

Phone:(12) 3928 -6311


Terminals it is connected to

The refinery controls the Vale do Paraíba Terminal (Tevap), composed of platforms for loading tanker trucks. Additionally, it is connected to the Guarulhos, São Sebastião and Guararema terminals.

Brief background:

We started operating the refinery in March 24, 1980, with a nominal throughput of 30,000 m³/day (189,000 barrels/day) of oil. Henrique Lage then underwent three revamps, in 1988, 1992 and 2002, and a modernization process between 2005 and 2012. Altogether, nine units were built in this process.


The purpose of this work was to adapt oil product production for future Brazilian and international quality standards, and, of course, contribute to reducing air pollution from vehicle emissions.

Henrique Lage is the third largest refinery in Brazil, with capacity to process 40,000 m³/d (252,000 bbl/day), equivalent to 14% of the domestic oil production. It is able to process 100% domestic oil, and currently operates with a mix ranging from 80% to 90% domestic oil and the remaining imported oil.

The refinery stands out for its geographic location, next to the Presidente Dutra Highway, with access to the main consumer centers: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, and the São Sebastião Port, on the northern coast of the state of São Paulo.

Technical Features

Atmospheric and Vacuum Distillation, Catalytic Cracking, Propene, Diesel Hydrotreatment, Kerosene, Naphtha, Unstable Currents for Diesel, Coke Naphtha (HDTs), Hydrogen Generation (HGU), Deasphalting, Sulfur Recovery, Delayed Coking, Coke Storage and Handling Yard, Sulfur Lining, Light Refinery Hydrocarbon Treatment Unit, Transfer and Storage, Oil Product Distribution Terminal, Oil Product Unloading Stations (C5 + and LPG), Acid Water Treatment, Industrial Waste Treatment Station (ETDI), Utilities System (steam and power generation and water treatment), Cracked Naphtha Catalytic Reform and Hydrodesulfurization.

Installed capacity:

The refinery is capable of processing 40,000 m³/d (252,000 bbl/day), equivalent to 14% of the domestic oil production. It is currently is the third largest refinery in Brazil.

Main products:

Diluted asphalt, asphalt cement, coke, sulfur, carbon dioxide, gasoline, LPG, light refinery hydrocarbon (LRC), naphtha, fuel oil, diesel fuel, propene, jet fuel (QAV-1) and medium solvent.

Markets it serves:

The market under the refinery's influence spans the Paraíba Valley, the northern coast of the state of São Paulo, southern Minas Gerais, the São Paulo Metro Region, Midwestern Brazil and Southern Rio de Janeiro. Henrique Lage supplies 80% of the demand for jet fuel in the São Paulo state market and 100% of the Guarulhos International Airport.


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