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Presidente Bernardes (RPBC)

General Information

Presidente Bernardes has a high conversion capacity, producing dozens of high market value, international standard oil products. Located in the foothills of the Serra do Mar mountain range and crossed by the Old São Paulo-Santos Road - the first paved road in Brazil, the refinery had the merit of making way for the emergence, in São Paulo, of the pioneering Cubatão petrochemical complex.

Location:Av. 9 de abril, 777 - Jardim das Indústrias - Cubatão - SP
CEP: 11505-000

Phone:(13) 3328-4004


Terminals it is connected to

The refinery is connected with the Santos Waterway Terminal, to the Cubatão Onshore Terminal (both belonging to Transpetro), and to the Cubatão Tecub-Terminal (owned by Petrobras Distribuidora).

Brief background:

President Bernandes was the first major refinery built shortly after our company was established. The construction was the result of an investment plan of the Brazilian government in the postwar period.

When inaugurated, on April 16, 1955, the refinery accounted for supplying half of the domestic market. Today, it supplies 8% of the domestic oil product production.

By 1983, the refinery had received investments worth $20 million to improve industrial processes aiming at pollution control.

That very year, we launched the Cubatão Environmental Recovery Program. From 1984, we made new investments in wastewater, air emission and solid waste treatment systems which added up to about $140 million by 2003. The refinery holds the ISO 14001 (environment), ISO 9002 (quality processes) and OHSAS 18001 (health and safety) certifications.

Technical Features

Jet Fuel, Petroleum Coke, Atmospheric Distillation, Diesel Treatment, Aromatic Recovery, Catalytic Reform, Hexane Separation and LPG Treatment, Ethylation, Natural Gas, and Gasoline Treatment Units.

Facilities for oil, butane, propane and LPG, intermediate and end product Transfer and Storage.

Industrial Waste Treatment Station (ETDI).
Biological Treatment System and Ponds.
Flare System.

Installed capacity:

Throughput is 178,000 barrels per day (28,300 m³/d)

Main products:

A Gasoline, Podium gasoline, competition gasolines, petroleum coke, jet fuel, diesel fuel, cooking gas, petrochemical naphtha, natural gas, bunker, hydrogen, deodorized butane, benzene, xylenes and toluene, hexane, sulfur, aromatic residue, etc.

Markets it serves:

Most products are intended for the state capital. A portion is also shipped to Santos and to the Northern, Northeastern, and Southern Brazilian regions.


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