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Presidente Vargas (Repar)

General Information

The Presidente Getúlio Vargas Refinery (Repar) has a throughput of 33,000 m3 of oil per day and is the fifth largest refinery in Brazil. Located in the municipality of Araucária, Paraná, it accounts for approximately 12% of the domestic oil product production. Its products supply, primarily, the markets of Paraná, Santa Catarina, southern São Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul.

Location: Rodovia do Xisto, BR 476, km 16 - Araucária - PR
CEP: 83707-440

Phone:(41) 3641-2020


Terminals it is connected to

The refinery is connected to two marine terminals and three pipelines:

São Francisco do Sul Maritime Terminal (SC); Paranaguá Maritime Terminal (PR); Ospar (Santa Catarina Pipeline - Paraná); Olapa (Araucária Pipeline – Paranaguá); and Opasc (Paraná-Santa Catarina Pipeline).

It is also connected to seven distribution facilities based in Araucária:

LPG distribution bases (Utingás, NGB, VHS); diesel fuel and gasoline distribution bases (Sadipe, Unibraspe, Pontuax and Idaza), and diesel fuel, gasoline, jet fuel and fuel oil distribution base (Sindicom).

Another interconnection is with the Araucária fertilizer plant (PR), which we acquired in 2012 and to which we provide asphaltic residue, oils fuels and utilities.

Brief background:

The construction works got underway in 1973, and the refinery was inaugurated on May 27, 1977. At the beginning of its operations, the throughput was 20,000 m³/day of oil. It is currently the largest industry in size in southern Brazil. It occupies an area of  10 million square meters.

The technology used at the undertakings allows for reducing water consumption and increasing its reuse and ensures that the units manage waste efficiently. Another gain is adjusting oil product production to the domestic and international markets' quality and environmental sustainability requirements, in addition to reducing atmospheric emissions by installing new reduction equipment that improves air quality in the region.

Technical Features

The refinery has a distillation, catalytic cracking, propane deasphalting, diesel and unstable product hydrotreatment, coking, catalytic reform, solvent fractionation, propene, hydrogenation solvent, sulfur recovery, and MTBE units.

Installed capacity:

Throughput is 33,000 m³/d or 207,563 bbl/d

Main products:

Diesel fuel, gasoline, LPG, coke, asphalt, fuel oil, jet fuel, propane, marine oils.

Markets it serves:

The refinery ships 85% of its products to supply the Paraná, Santa Catarina, southern São Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul markets. The entire production surplus is sent to other Brazilian regions or exported.



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